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A Return to Blogging

It’s taken a while but I’ve decided to return to more frequent blogging. I’ve held back often, going several months without writing anything due to fear of not having much insight to offer. I also deleted a bunch of blog posts I published many years ago, since I felt I had outgrown the thinking I had back then (some older content felt embarrassing!)

But recently, I’ve come to appreciate how much the craft of writing can do in clarifying thought. This, to me, is an immensely powerful benefit and most of the people whose work I admire invested a lot in their writing for this reason too. As for the older, some what more embarrassing posts I previously wrote, I’ve come to appreciate that some reader might still find them worthwhile. Failing that, leaving these posts online is one way of me being more honest with myself and others about the growth in my thinking.

So as 2018 takes off, I’m going to try and write a bit more publicly. And though my day job in venture capital keeps me exceptionally busy—delightfully so, if I may add, since I really do love the work—I’m going to make more of an effort to blog again.